Williamsons Solicitors say Implementing Hoowla’s Conveyancing Calculator could not have been simpler


Hoowla Review Conveyancing Calculator Williamsons Solicitors


Williamsons Solicitors pride themselves on being approachable, sympathetic and understanding and have built a fantastic reputation through putting clients at the centre of everything they do. Their team of 120 highly regarded and experienced staff are based in offices in Hull, Beverley, Driffield and Bridlington.

The use of technology within the firm is highly important to bring increased efficiency for their customers and enable them to take the business forward.


Williamsons Solicitors use Hoowla’s conveyancing calculator to provide prospective clients with a conveyancing quote face to face and over the phone. They have also installed a customised conveyancing quote button on their website to allow clients to request an instant and accurate conveyancing quote at a time convenient to them.

Jane Cousins, Senior Solicitor and Head of Conveyancing explains why they choose Hoowla’s conveyancing quote calculator. “Implementing the conveyancing calculator provided by Hoowla could not have been simpler.  The service provided by them from beginning to end was professional and understandable.
Our clients can access our quotes quickly and without complication at any time.  This saves our employees a great deal of time and makes our services efficient.  We enjoy using the service and can rely on the quotation produced to be accurate.”


To try the Hoowla conveyancing calculator yourself and see how quick and easy it is for your clients to request a conveyancing quote click the button below.


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