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Tips and tutorials for conveyancers using the Hoowla conveyancing platform


We have updated Hoowla with a number of new features which are now live and ready to use.

This latest release has a large focus around documents, helping you work smarter and more efficiently. We have also included a new feature that helps you work even more closely with your introducers by allowing you to automatically invite them to track the progress of their clients’ cases within Hoowla.

A breakdown of the features released in this update is below, or more information please do get in touch by calling 01792 687146 or via email.


Microsoft Word – Case Information

Hoowla Microsoft Word Integration

Hoowla is already fully integrated with Microsoft Word.  With this latest update you can import case information directly into Word documents to allow you to edit the information if you prefer not to use Hoowla’s document editor.


Case Documents

Hoowla Case Documents

We have enhanced the document page in your cases. This latest update makes it even easier to manage them, see which ones are currently being worked on, and which ones have been sent out.


Automatically Invite Introducers

Hoowla Invite Introducer to Track Case

You can now automatically invite your introducers to track their clients’ cases that you instruct.

If you work closely with introducers and would like to find out how they can refer clients to you through Hoowla then please get in touch with us today and we’ll show you how easy it is to setup.


Additional Document Features

Hoowla Legal Case Documents

We have made some changes to our documents which include the ability to quick save a document whilst you are working on it, implemented a new layout for your completion statements generated in Hoowla, included a new setting that ensures a document can only be printed and posted and there is now to option to delete documents from the case document list.



We’ve introduced a number of new features to the Hoowla conveyancing calculator to help save time and win more instructions. All these new features are included at no extra cost to your existing Hoowla conveyancing calculator account and are now live and ready to use.

Below is a full list of the updated features on the conveyancing quote calculator, which include the option to link your Hoowla account to the Land Registry to automatically pull in a property’s title and tenure, the option to have postcode exceptions for areas where your legal fee differs and the ability to add a message to your quote to give a personal touch.

We add new features to Hoowla based on feedback from our customers. If you have any questions or feedback then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


Quotes include Title and Tenure

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Land Registry Title Tenure

Our conveyancing calculator now uses the Land Registry’s ‘Enquiry by Property Description’ service when raising a quote.

By linking your Land Registry account with your Hoowla account the calculator automatically pulls in the tenure of the property and the title number, saving you time entering this data and meaning you know that the information provided is correct.


Create Postcode Exceptions

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Postcode Exception

You can now define postcode areas in your quote calculator where your legal fees differ. The new fee will be used when generating a conveyancing quote for a property that falls within that area.


Quotes are Sent from your Firm

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Features

Be more personable with quotes sent out using contact details of the member of staff that raises it.


Dynamic Referral Fees in Quotes

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Quote

Quotes raised by, or attributed to, your referrers can have your referral fees automatically included in them.


More Control Editing Quotes

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Edit Quotes

You now have access to even more options when editing quotes, including updating the address, modifying introducer referral fees, adding supporting documents and more.


Personalised Message in the Quote

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Add Personal Message

When raising a quote you can now add your own custom message to accompany it, allowing you to provide a more personalised service with all the benefits of our automated conveyancing calculator.



In our latest update we’ve focused on saving you and your conveyancing team time on some of the tasks you perform daily.

We’ve made it even easier for you to find, edit and print your letters and forms within Hoowla with the introduction of search tags, clickable custom fields and bulk printing. You can even go so far as being able to automate client care packs to speed up the start of the client’s journey.

Read on to find out more and if you have any questions or feedback then please get in touch by calling 01792 687146 or via email.


Automate Client Care Packs

Automate Client Care Packs

Cut down on the time it takes to instruct your clients. Collect all the information you need when creating your cases and have your client care pack automatically sent out as soon as you are ready.


Speed up Letter Generation

Hoowla Letter Generation

Save key information to your cases directly from our document editor. Click on any missing information in your letters and enter it there and then speeding up your letter generation.


Fee Tables in Letters

Hoowla Fee Tables

No more manually typing in costs as quotes raised through your conveyancing calculator can be automatically inserted into documents such as your client care letter.


Bulk Print Documents

Hoowla Bulk Print Documents

Send a selection of documents to the printer all at once or download them into a single file. This can save you precious time when producing your client care packs.


DX Addresses in Letters

Hoowla DX Addresses

Save a DX address against companies you have stored in Hoowla and choose for letters to be generated using their DX address by default.


Search using Tags

Hoowla Search Tags

Add tags to your document templates and case information to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. A powerful feature when used with the bulk print functionality.



New features and latest updates to the Hoowla Conveyancing Platform

We’ve listened to your feedback and added some great new features to Hoowla including online payments, invoicing and new reports. Read on to see what we’ve been up to and log in, the new features are ready for you.

Create invoices in seconds

You can now generate invoices and track payments in Hoowla. When instructing a client you can raise an invoice from their conveyancing quote, add billable items to it and send it off in a few simple steps.

Take payments online

With GoCardless we’ve made it even easier for customers to pay you. Take payments from customers online, it’s extremely straightforward to set up and adds a service to your firm that will wow your customers.

Bespoke conveyancing quotes

We’ve enhanced our conveyancing calculator so you can now create bespoke conveyancing quotes for clients along with making amendments to existing quotes, covering off those more complicated transactions.

Track business with new reports

With the addition of our quote calculator we have added a number of new reports to your dashboard that allow you to track instructed business helping you keep your finger on the pulse and know where your clients are coming from.

Login and checkout all the new features or
give us a call on 01792 687 146 to find out more

We continually evolve Hoowla, adding new features and creating exciting partnerships. If you have a suggestion then send it over by replying to this email, we read every one.



This quick tutorial will show you how to send out a conveyancing quote through Hoowla, provide a quick quote over the phone to a prospective client and have it automatically emailed to them as well.

If you need any help at all then please get in touch with us

Firstly you will need to setup your conveyancing calculator if you haven’t already done so. If you have more than one quote form, ensure the one you want your prices to be based on is set to primary.

make conveyancing quote form primaryprimary conveyancing quote form

create a conveyancing quote
Navigate to the PEOPLE area in Hoowla and add your prospective client whose requested a conveyancing fee estimate, recording all their contact details. If you record their email address their quote will be automatically emailed to them.
Once their contact details are saved, find them in your PEOPLE list and select QUOTE.
Can’t see the quote button? You may not have setup your quote calculator form or you might not have a primary form selected (see above).
fill out conveyancing quote form
Your conveyancing quote form will pop up for you to fill out.
Select whether the quote is for sales, lettings, both or a re-mortgage. Enter in the properties postcode, price, select whether it’s freehold or leasehold and choose an estimated move date.
You’ll notice that your prospective clients contact details have been automatically filled in.Once your happy with the information you’ve entered, select GET QUOTE.
instant conveyancing quote
The quote will be instantly calculated and displayed on screen. If you have a client on the phone then you can provide them with a price straight away.
If you recorded their email address then they’ll have the quote instantly emailed to them as well.
conveyancing quote confirmation
If you navigate back to your PEOPLE list and find the person you just created a quote for, you’ll see a tick next to their name indicating that they have been sent a quote.
conveyancing quote in client activity
Click on your clients name to view their details and you will see that they have been sent a quote under LATEST ACTIVITY.
your conveyancing quote
Click on the conveyancing quote in their Latest Activity feed to view details of their conveyancing quote including a breakdown of costs.
You’ll also see which conveyancing form was used, the type of conveyancing quote, the date it was created, desired move date, how long it’s valid for and details of the property.

You now know how to create a quick conveyancing quote in Hoowla and email it out to a prospective client. If you need any help then please do get in touch with us.

Want to find out more about Hoowla?

Send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

[contact-form-7 id=”167″ title=”conveyancing calculator”]. Also take a look at our conveyancing quote website to see it in action.

This quick tutorial will show you how to setup the conveyancing quote calculator so you can generate and email out fee estimates for sales, purchase and re-mortgages in seconds through Hoowla. You can also add a button to your website for clients to get instant conveyancing quotes.

If you need any help at all then please get in touch with us

Conveyancing Calculator Setup in HoowlaFirstly, log in to Hoowla. If you don’t already have an account then you can easily create one here.

Then navigate to the Quote calculator setup area by selecting setup – quote calculator

Add a conveyancing quote formSelect CREATE FORM.

You can create as many quote forms as you like with different fee scales, for promotions and introducer discounts.

Conveyancing Quote DetailsGive your form a name in the ‘Quote form name’ box.

Enter a ‘quote email from address‘ (this is email address that clients will see when they are emailed their conveyancing quote).

Enter a ‘email quote results to‘ email address (these are the email addresses that your quotes will also be sent to alerting you to a quote has been sent).

Enter how many days the quote is valid for.

Select whether your firm is VAT registered or not. If selected we will automatically calculate VAT for your fee and supplements.

We will automatically calculate Land Registry fees for you. If you submit electronically to the Land Registry then select this option and we will automatically apply the electronic fee scale. If left unselected we will apply the default land registry fees for you.

Select ‘make this form primary’ to use this form when creating conveyancing quotes through Hoowla.

The ‘quote introduction text’ and the ‘quote disclaimer/footer text’ is included in your emailed conveyancing quotes and any quotes generated through your website. We have entered some example text to get you started.

Setup Conveyancing Quote Fees

Setup your fees

Enter your conveyancing fees, supplements and disbursements into the PRICES area. Remember to enter your fees, supplements and disbursements for purchase and re-mortgage quotes as well.

You can set the different property price bands that your fees apply to by dragging the slider. Add extra price bands by selecting SPLIT and remove a price band by selecting the red cross.

Set property price bands

VAT, Stamp Duty and Land Registry Fees

We will automatically calculate VAT (if VAT registered is selected above), Stamp Duty and Land Registry fees for you. Stamp Duty and Land Registry Fees Automatically Calculated

Add conveyancing supplements to your quote calculator

Add your Supplements

To add a Supplement select ADD SUPPLEMENT and enter it’s name and price. You will also find the Leasehold fee in supplements. If leasehold is selected when filling out the conveyancing quote form this fee will be added to the quote. All supplements will have VAT automatically calculated if the VAT registered tickbox is selected (above).

Add conveyancing disbursements

Add your Disbursements

To add a Disbursement select ADD DISBURSEMENT and enter it’s name and price (be sure to include VAT in the prices).

Sales, Purchase and Re-Mortgage conveyancing Quotes

Remember to setup your fees for property sales, purchases and re-mortgages using the tabs at the top of the prices section of your conveyancing quote form. Once you are done be sure to save your new form by selecting CREATE. Sales Purchase Re-mortgage conveyancing quotes

Once you have setup your conveyancing form give it a test.
Test Conveyancing Calculator

Selecting TEST will load up the conveyancing quote form. Enter in all the details and select GET QUOTE. conveyancing quote form

Your conveyancing quote will then be instantly calculated and shown on screen, check the price to ensure you have setup the form correctly. The conveyancing quote will have been emailed to the email address you entered and also emailed to the quote results email address you setup on the form. Time to check your emails.
conveyancing quote

You’ve now setup your first conveyancing quote calculator in Hoowla. If you need any help then please do get in touch with us.

Want to find out more about Hoowla?

Send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

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New features and latest updates to Hoowla Online Conveyancing Platform. Pay per case and free to try.

We’ve made some exciting updates to our Conveyancing Platform

Our latest update includes a conveyancing quote calculator which will save you valuable time and help win you more business. Get started today, it’s extremely flexible and easy to setup.

Create Conveyancing Fee Estimations In Seconds

Setup fees for sale, purchase and remortgage split over different property price brackets, add any supplements and disbursements then easily generate conveyancing quotes that provide a full breakdown of your costs.

Get Alerts And Follow Up Enquiries In Hoowla

Get notified when a quote has been sent out and ensure staff follow them up. Quotes submitted through your website are automatically saved in Hoowla along with all the clients details.

Add A Conveyancing Quote Form To Your Website

Turn your online visitors into customers by allow them to get an instant conveyancing quote right from your website. Quotes will be displayed on screen and automatically emailed to them.

Create Bespoke Quotes For Your Introducers

Create many quote forms with different prices, discounts and special fees and share them with local estate agents and introducers. They can provide their clients with fee estimates on your behalf and add your form to their website.

Login and checkout all the new features or
give us a call on 01792 687 146 to find out moreWe continually evolve Hoowla, adding new features and creating exciting partnerships. If you have a suggestion then send it over by replying to this email, we read every one.
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