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Hoowla Review LPL Case Study


Launched in August 2017, LPL are a division of established Manchester law firm Read Roper & Read.

With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and speeding up the conveyancing process, LPL offers a fresh approach to conveyancing.



With the focus on providing outstanding customer service by delivering an accessible conveyancing service, customer communication is a key factor for LPL.

Offering clients the ability to interact with the team at a time to suit them means the client is in control of their property transaction.

With this in mind LPL also wanted to offer clients the option to login to view the progress of their case online, request updates, fill in client questionnaires and sign and submit forms securely to improve the transaction time.



Hoowla and LPL worked closely to tailor a bespoke version of Hoowla’s case management software, built to LPL’s specifications. They also designed and built LPL’s website and installed the conveyancing quote calculator, fully branded to LPL.

A modern approach to conveyancing was the focus, with clients being able to interact with LPL at a time convenient to them, and view and request case updates.

LPL use Quill for their accounting, so a full integration between Quill and LPL’s case management software was a requirement.


Solutions Implemented:

– Tailored Case Management System

– Conveyancing Quote Calculator



The case tracking allows LPL’s clients to log in and view the progress of their case and request updates at any time.

The ability to fill in client questionnaires, digitally sign documents and submit forms securely means the transaction time is greatly reduced, eliminates the chances of lost mail and saves on the cost of posting information back and forth.

The average completion time for LPL is less that 4 weeks and 5 star reviews show clients value the ability to login to the system to see updates, estimated completion dates of each stage and add notes to their case.

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Hoowla promotes a modern approach to conveyancing case management software.

The fully cloud based system includes full accounts, precedents and letters, search ordering, online SDLT submissions, dashboard reporting and more.


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