Setup your conveyancing quote calculator

This quick tutorial will show you how to setup the conveyancing quote calculator so you can generate and email out fee estimates for sales, purchase and re-mortgages in seconds through Hoowla. You can also add a button to your website for clients to get instant conveyancing quotes.

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Conveyancing Calculator Setup in HoowlaFirstly, log in to Hoowla. If you don’t already have an account then you can easily create one here.

Then navigate to the Quote calculator setup area by selecting setup – quote calculator

Add a conveyancing quote formSelect CREATE FORM.

You can create as many quote forms as you like with different fee scales, for promotions and introducer discounts.

Conveyancing Quote DetailsGive your form a name in the ‘Quote form name’ box.

Enter a ‘quote email from address‘ (this is email address that clients will see when they are emailed their conveyancing quote).

Enter a ‘email quote results to‘ email address (these are the email addresses that your quotes will also be sent to alerting you to a quote has been sent).

Enter how many days the quote is valid for.

Select whether your firm is VAT registered or not. If selected we will automatically calculate VAT for your fee and supplements.

We will automatically calculate Land Registry fees for you. If you submit electronically to the Land Registry then select this option and we will automatically apply the electronic fee scale. If left unselected we will apply the default land registry fees for you.

Select ‘make this form primary’ to use this form when creating conveyancing quotes through Hoowla.

The ‘quote introduction text’ and the ‘quote disclaimer/footer text’ is included in your emailed conveyancing quotes and any quotes generated through your website. We have entered some example text to get you started.

Setup Conveyancing Quote Fees

Setup your fees

Enter your conveyancing fees, supplements and disbursements into the PRICES area. Remember to enter your fees, supplements and disbursements for purchase and re-mortgage quotes as well.

You can set the different property price bands that your fees apply to by dragging the slider. Add extra price bands by selecting SPLIT and remove a price band by selecting the red cross.

Set property price bands

VAT, Stamp Duty and Land Registry Fees

We will automatically calculate VAT (if VAT registered is selected above), Stamp Duty and Land Registry fees for you. Stamp Duty and Land Registry Fees Automatically Calculated

Add conveyancing supplements to your quote calculator

Add your Supplements

To add a Supplement select ADD SUPPLEMENT and enter it’s name and price. You will also find the Leasehold fee in supplements. If leasehold is selected when filling out the conveyancing quote form this fee will be added to the quote. All supplements will have VAT automatically calculated if the VAT registered tickbox is selected (above).

Add conveyancing disbursements

Add your Disbursements

To add a Disbursement select ADD DISBURSEMENT and enter it’s name and price (be sure to include VAT in the prices).

Sales, Purchase and Re-Mortgage conveyancing Quotes

Remember to setup your fees for property sales, purchases and re-mortgages using the tabs at the top of the prices section of your conveyancing quote form. Once you are done be sure to save your new form by selecting CREATE. Sales Purchase Re-mortgage conveyancing quotes

Once you have setup your conveyancing form give it a test.
Test Conveyancing Calculator

Selecting TEST will load up the conveyancing quote form. Enter in all the details and select GET QUOTE. conveyancing quote form

Your conveyancing quote will then be instantly calculated and shown on screen, check the price to ensure you have setup the form correctly. The conveyancing quote will have been emailed to the email address you entered and also emailed to the quote results email address you setup on the form. Time to check your emails.
conveyancing quote

You’ve now setup your first conveyancing quote calculator in Hoowla. If you need any help then please do get in touch with us.

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