Hoowla Compared To Veyo – Which Conveyancing Software Is Right For You?

The news has been awash with developments in the conveyancing software arena over the last 12 months and the stage is being set. Hoowla launched the first version of their conveyancing platform at the start of the year and has continued to release new features since then. Veyo, the trading name of Legal Practice Technologies Limited is due to launch in spring 2015 with a feature rich offering.

Both companies aim to address known gripes within the conveyancing and property industry; communication, transparency and efficiency through technology, effecting conveyancers, estate agents, lenders and buyers and sellers.

Let’s have a look at how both Hoowla and Veyo size up next to each other.

Their marketing messages

Both Hoowla and Veyo say that they will save conveyancing departments time and money by streamlining business processes and speeding up transactions.

Both tout easy to use software with a friendly user interface something that current software on the market has struggled to keep up with.

Both provide automatic backups of data, stored ‘in the cloud’. Hoowla publicly provides details on how it stores data (using Amazon’s cloud storage infrastructure) and that data never leaves the EU (detailed in their terms). Veyo has yet to detail publically how their data is stored and whether it complies with EU data protection regulations.

Both Veyo and Hoowla are online platforms enabling them to react quickly to customer needs and adapt, evolve and deliver updates to their software very easily. It’s worth noting that Hoowla’s entire business is based in the UK, in particular their software development team, allowing them all to work closely together. Veyo have partnered with global IT provider Mastek to build, deliver and maintain their platform. It’s currently unclear whether Mastek’s work is being carried out in India but if so the business arm of Veyo will have the task of managing remote development teams offshore which might prove tough moving forward.

Using and paying for Hoowla and Veyo

Both Hoowla and Veyo use the pay per case model. Hoowla details their prices on their website in a sliding scale where cases get cheaper as a firms transaction volumes increase. Veyo has yet to announce how much they will charge per case. It is also unclear whether Veyo will charge an annual subscription to firms as well, this is a decision they will announce soon.

What their conveyancing software does

Both are offering similar functionality for conveyancers at this stage. Visit Inside Conveyancing to see how Hoowla and Veyo features stack up in a comparison table.


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