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Hoowla Review LPL Case Study


Launched in August 2017, LPL are a division of established Manchester law firm Read Roper & Read.

With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and speeding up the conveyancing process, LPL offers a fresh approach to conveyancing.



With the focus on providing outstanding customer service by delivering an accessible conveyancing service, customer communication is a key factor for LPL.

Offering clients the ability to interact with the team at a time to suit them means the client is in control of their property transaction.

With this in mind LPL also wanted to offer clients the option to login to view the progress of their case online, request updates, fill in client questionnaires and sign and submit forms securely to improve the transaction time.



Hoowla and LPL worked closely to tailor a bespoke version of Hoowla’s case management software, built to LPL’s specifications. They also designed and built LPL’s website and installed the conveyancing quote calculator, fully branded to LPL.

A modern approach to conveyancing was the focus, with clients being able to interact with LPL at a time convenient to them, and view and request case updates.

LPL use Quill for their accounting, so a full integration between Quill and LPL’s case management software was a requirement.


Solutions Implemented:

– Tailored Case Management System

– Conveyancing Quote Calculator



The case tracking allows LPL’s clients to log in and view the progress of their case and request updates at any time.

The ability to fill in client questionnaires, digitally sign documents and submit forms securely means the transaction time is greatly reduced, eliminates the chances of lost mail and saves on the cost of posting information back and forth.

The average completion time for LPL is less that 4 weeks and 5 star reviews show clients value the ability to login to the system to see updates, estimated completion dates of each stage and add notes to their case.

About Hoowla

Hoowla promotes a modern approach to conveyancing case management software.

The fully cloud based system includes full accounts, precedents and letters, search ordering, online SDLT submissions, dashboard reporting and more.


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Vanessa Newman Property Lawyers Hoowla Case Study


Vanessa Newman Property Lawyers are a new start based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

Vanessa believes that a modern conveyancing firm should offer clients a personal service combined with leading technology to provide the best possible experience and ensure that the transaction reaches completion as quickly as possible.



Though specialising in conveyancing, Vanessa was looking for a case management system that would enable her to handle all matters.

Vanessa was looking to work with a case management provider who offered her the same kind of customer care that she offers her clients.  As a new start price was also an important consideration.



Vanessa Newman Property Lawyers implemented Hoowla’s Conveyancing Quote Calculator and full Case Management System.

The Quote Calculator has been installed on Vanessa’s website and a dedicated login has also been provided to one of the agents she works with to make quoting simpler for them and enable them to easily pass work through.


Solutions Implemented:

– Tailored Case Management System

– Conveyancing Quote Calculator



Installing the Quote Calculator on Vanessa’s website allows clients to request an instant conveyancing quote. Dedicated logins for agents allows them to generate quotes for their clients and pass work through to Vanessa.

The case management system allows Vanessa to build her own workflows to suit requirements for different matters.

Hoowla’s integration with the Land Registry and Index Search Providers means she can request documents without having to leave Hoowla or double enter data and the AML integration means she can easily ID check clients.

Vanessa’s clients also love Hoowla as they can track their case online .


About Hoowla

Hoowla promotes a modern approach to conveyancing case management software.

The fully cloud based system includes full accounts, precedents and letters, search ordering, online SDLT submissions, dashboard reporting and more.


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Clacton on Sea based Rhodda & Co LLP Solicitors have chosen to implement Hoowla’s case management software for their conveyancing department, to continue offering their clients the top class service the firm is known for.

A modern firm with a focus on offering clients a friendly, personal and professional service, Rhodda & Co specialise in wills and probate and conveyancing within the local area and beyond.

Rhodda & Co were using online conveyancing case management software previously but found that the lack of customer support, limitations within the system and difficulty to update documents meant the system was costing them valuable time.

Head of Conveyancing Emma Warren explains “We requested a demo and were immediately impressed. Adam approached the demo, and us, in a very individual way. He showed us the ways the system fits around us, not the way we could fit around the system. We wanted a system which we could tailor to our way of working, that we could easily alter at anytime and that had excellent customer support. It was evident from the demo that Hoowla ticked all our boxes and so our decision was easy thereafter.”

Hoowla is a fully cloud based software solution, providing a modern approach to legal software. Hoowla’s case management software allows legal professionals to manage their case loads efficiently and automatically generate legal documents, submitting information to third parties such as HMRC and the Land Registry.

Updates are frequent, and the Hoowla team works with firms to provide a software solution specific to them.

Hoowla managing director Adam Curtis says “Hoowla is a perfect solution for progressive firms like Rhodda & Co who embrace advancements in technology and utilise them to deliver the best possible service to their clients. We are delighted that they have chosen Hoowla for their case management and conveyancing quoting system.”

Although Rhodda & Co have only been using Hoowla for a short time they are already seeing massive benefits, as Emma explains “Since implementing Hoowla’s case management system the conveyancing team are able to produce documents much quicker, allowing them to do more work in the day. We can alter templates, workflows, documents, reports and letters easily without needing help from the Hoowla team, while knowing they are only a phone call away if needed.

The customer service is second to none; all of Hoowla are there to assist whenever needed but in honesty the system is so simple most issues can be worked out without recourse to Hoowla staff. It’s a simple, adaptable yet professional system with outstanding customer service and I would recommend Hoowla to anyone.”



We’ve introduced a number of new features to the Hoowla conveyancing calculator to help save time and win more instructions. All these new features are included at no extra cost to your existing Hoowla conveyancing calculator account and are now live and ready to use.

Below is a full list of the updated features on the conveyancing quote calculator, which include the option to link your Hoowla account to the Land Registry to automatically pull in a property’s title and tenure, the option to have postcode exceptions for areas where your legal fee differs and the ability to add a message to your quote to give a personal touch.

We add new features to Hoowla based on feedback from our customers. If you have any questions or feedback then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


Quotes include Title and Tenure

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Land Registry Title Tenure

Our conveyancing calculator now uses the Land Registry’s ‘Enquiry by Property Description’ service when raising a quote.

By linking your Land Registry account with your Hoowla account the calculator automatically pulls in the tenure of the property and the title number, saving you time entering this data and meaning you know that the information provided is correct.


Create Postcode Exceptions

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Postcode Exception

You can now define postcode areas in your quote calculator where your legal fees differ. The new fee will be used when generating a conveyancing quote for a property that falls within that area.


Quotes are Sent from your Firm

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Features

Be more personable with quotes sent out using contact details of the member of staff that raises it.


Dynamic Referral Fees in Quotes

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Quote

Quotes raised by, or attributed to, your referrers can have your referral fees automatically included in them.


More Control Editing Quotes

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Edit Quotes

You now have access to even more options when editing quotes, including updating the address, modifying introducer referral fees, adding supporting documents and more.


Personalised Message in the Quote

Hoowla Conveyancing Calculator Add Personal Message

When raising a quote you can now add your own custom message to accompany it, allowing you to provide a more personalised service with all the benefits of our automated conveyancing calculator.


Hoowla PSG Connect Integration


Hoowla are delighted to announce their partnership with leading conveyancing search provider PSG. The Property Search Group’s ordering platform, PSG Connect, is now fully integrated with Hoowla’s conveyancing case management software.


The Benefits of PSG Connect and Hoowla

  • Automatically create your letters and legal forms. Send your client care pack in seconds
  • Integrate with Outlook. Add incoming emails and attachments to the system in two click
  • Integrated Land Registry and HMRC portals
  • You are logged into PSG Connect automatically and your searches are returned to your Case Management dashboard
  • No more double entering clients details


PSG launched their new property search ordering platform in January, receiving fantastic feedback from clients.  The new search ordering software has been built with integration and collaboration in mind to bring further efficiencies and additional benefits to clients wherever possible.

Hoowla user and PSG customer Leona Bulmer, solicitor at Roland Robinsons and Fentons LLP said “The integration with PSG is excellent and will prove to be invaluable to us. Many of the systems we looked at were extremely expensive, Hoowla is not. The team (at both PSG & Hoowla) are very willing to alter the system to meet our needs and work in a way that is better for me and my team.”


The integration with Hoowla enables conveyancing solicitors to seamlessly order Title Insurance, Conveyancing Searches and risk management products such as Lawyer Checker and AML Checks without the need for double keying client and property details.  All reports are delivered directly back to Hoowla’s conveyancing software and immediately accessible by the client.


Richard Dawson, Group Managing Director for PSG, commented:  “We talk to our clients regularly to ensure we are meeting their needs and we identified integration with case management as a common requirement for many.  Hoowla share a common objective with PSG; putting the client first and focusing on excellent customer service.  We are delighted to now be fully integrated with the Hoowla system.”


Hoowla provides cloud software to the legal industry, developed in the UK using the latest technology. We help law firms of all shapes and sizes around the country to modernise their conveyancing offering, process more matters, improve communication and collaboration, reduce risk and manage compliance whilst providing a great customer experience along the way.

To find out more, call us on 01792 687146 or email.



Hoowla have enhanced our case management software for the legal property market in Scotland.   Hoowla’s conveyancing calculator automatically calculates Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) and Land Registration fees when generating conveyancing estimates and quotes for clients.

The Scottish legal system differs to England and Wales by applying different charging structures to conveyancing transactions via the Registers of Scotland.  Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) replaced UK Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) in Scotland earlier this year.

Scottish Conveyancing Software


Hoowla’s conveyancing calculator lets you create compliant, professional conveyancing fee estimations, all in under a minute. It fit’s around your firm’s charging structure and your messaging and brand sits front and centre in all your quotes.

There are no setup costs and the tiny annual fee makes it a no brainer if you’re looking to empower staff, save them time and increase business through your website.  The calculator is free for customers using Hoowla’s full Legal Software.


To find out more, arrange a demo of the calculator, or simply get it setup today, call 01792 687146 or email tom@hoowla.com