Hoowla Opens Office in Northern Ireland

Hoowla Northern Ireland

Jim O’Connor

We are delighted to announce that Hoowla has expanded to Northern Ireland with the opening of a new office in Newry, Co Down.

Hoowla’s Northern Ireland office has been set up by local entrepreneur Jim O’Connor.  The move means that Hoowla is able to expand within Northern Ireland with a local expert’s knowledge and expertise.

Specialising in providing a completely cloud-based case management software solution, Hoowla is used by law firms and introducers of all sizes throughout England and Wales. Hoowla works closely with all it’s users to provide a constantly evolving platform that can be tailored to each firm’s specific needs.

Hoowla managing director Adam Curtis says that this approach to providing a modern, frequently updated software solution is at the heart of what Hoowla does. “More and more firms are moving away from the traditional, installed systems which are expensive to setup and are limited on updates.
Hoowla is based in the cloud, which means that new features are added on a regular basis and, for the majority of firms, set up is free.  Users want the ability to access and update information from anywhere and Hoowla can be securely accessed on any device.”

Hoowla’s panel management part of the system means that solicitors can develop and build relationships with mortgage brokers, estate agents and other local introducers.

Jim O’Connor adds “At a time when social media and online shopping create an expectation of instant access to information and 24/7 service, the Hoowla system allows solicitors to meet those expectations for their clients.
We are excited by the possibilities offered in improving client service, and also by the opportunities for the development of professional networks. Not only does this technology facilitate more effective communication between users, the time saving features of the system allow firms to become more competitive and more profitable.

The initial response from solicitors, estate agents and mortgage brokers has been very enthusiastic and we look forward to working with Hoowla in ongoing development across the province.”

The launch of Hoowla’s Northern Ireland office has resulted in a number of firms that are keen to use the software to improve client services and increase work efficiency.  A multi branch solicitors in Northern Ireland is currently in setup and a growing number of mortgage brokers and estate agents already using the platform.

If you are interested in receiving a demo of Hoowla, ring the team on 01792 687146.