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You can now add any legal form to your case in Hoowla and fill the form in online. In fact we will accommodate any form you like in your account. We’ve also introduced property search alerts when ordering searches and included an interactive boundary map. All the updates are ready for you to use today. If you have any questions or feedback then please get in touch.

Fill in any legal forms automatically

You can now fill out any legal form in Hoowla and download it as an editable PDF to fill out separately. If any information in the form is already part of your case then it will be automatically merged into it, saving you valuable time. All the forms you generate are saved to your case and can easily be shared with your clients.The legal forms available in Hoowla today:
  • AP1
  • TP1
  • TP2
  • TR1
  • TR2
  • Continuation sheet

Hoowla can accommodate any form

We can add any form you like to your Hoowla account, all you need to do is ask. With your own forms you still get all the benefits of being able to fill them out online and download them as editable PDFs. You can even share forms with your clients for them to fill out for you. Here are some examples:
  • Your Law Society forms
  • Client instruction forms
  • Client feedback questionnaires

Instant property search alerts

We’ve introduced automatic property search alerts to help you make informed decisions when ordering your searches. The first of our alerts uses data from the Coal Authority for your CON29M.

Our integrated search partners

Interactive boundary maps

When ordering SearchFlow searches you don’t have to find and attach a boundary map to your order, instead you have the option to select the boundary yourself via an interactive map.

* If you are interested in becoming a search partner then please do get in touch with us.
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or give us a call on 01792 687 146 to find out moreWe continually evolve Hoowla, adding new features and creating exciting partnerships. If you have a suggestion then send it over by replying to this email, we read every one.


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